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Does This Describe Your Child With ADHD?

Executive Function Skills

  • Difficulty sensing the passage of time (time management)
  • Needs constant prompting/supervision to get through non-preferred tasks (prompt-dependent)
  • Difficulty with future thinking skills (planning ahead)
  • Lacks situational awareness (“reading a room”)
  • Waits until the last minute to do long-term assignments
  • Resorts to learned helplessness around non-preferred tasks (Acts less capable & makes self-defeating comments)
  • Can spend more time arguing/complaining about doing a task than the task would actually take
  • Struggles with remembering how he/she did things in the past and applying that information to the present
  • Hard time tolerating boredom
  • Has a hard time with writing assignments
  • Believes homework will take much longer than it actually will
  • Seems to not learn from mistakes
  • Chronically disorganized, forgets or looses materials
  • Under or over-estimates how long a task will take
  • Becomes easily distracted and/or wastes time with trivial matters
  • Focuses on small details and has a hard time getting the “bigger picture”
  • Does not throw things away/backpack full of junk
  • Completes homework but forgets to turn it in
  • Lacks a sense of urgency

Behavior and Emotional Regulation Skills

  • Can become argumentative/explosive when told to get off video games
  • Appears to be several years behind in his social and emotional maturity compared to same age peers
  • Difficulty differentiating between “small problems” and “big problems”
  • Holds it together during school and becomes irritable or more difficult to deal with after school
  • Seeks attention in negative ways
  • Perseverates on the negative and has trouble letting go of things that bother him/her
  • Makes self-defeating comments to illicit sympathy when asked to do a non-preferred task
  • Has difficulty when there are changes in routine or during transitions
  • Can be inflexible, says “No” to anything new/unfamiliar.
  • Has a hard time with independent problem solving
  • Lashes out at family when upset/angry and then is remorseful

Social Skills

  • Seems to relate better to younger kids or adults than similar age peers
  • May be able to initially make friends but has trouble keeping them
  • Often gives irrelevant details or too many details when speaking
  • Difficulty understanding social cues
  • Can do O.K. in structured social situations but looks “lost” in semi or unstructured social situations
  • Tends to have one-sided conversations, talks at people about his/her interests
  • Frequently interrupts others or says things impulsively, lacks a “filter”
  • Had friends in elementary school but became more socially isolated when he got to 5th/6th grade

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